Airmax Sporting

Sufficient exercise is healthy for body and mind. Research shows that people who excersice the least are most at risk to develop adverse health effects.

Sports based on physical strenght and endurance

In sports based on physical strength the focus lies on training muscles and to a much lesser extent endurance. You can choose to train certain muscle groups such as the leg muscles for a sprinter. General physical strength training is intended to strengthen the whole body and not an individual muscle group. For example, people with back problems benefit from general physical strength training to build a muscle corset in order to experience less back pain. Examples of physical strength training are weightlifting, fitness, squads and abdominal exercises.

In sports based on endurance focus a lot less on muscle training but the focus lies on endurance. Endurance sport is also often referred to as cardio training. Examples of endurance sports are running, swimming, cycling and spinning.

Positive effects of Airmax® Sport

The use of Airmax ® Sport facilitates and improves breathing in through the nose before, during and after sports. Improving the airflow with the following as a result:

  • improved airflow during exercise and sports activities
  • improved after burn after exercise and sports activities
  • less difficulty breathing in case of nasal congestion due to a cold
  • less need for nose drops

Airmax® has demonstrated positive effects on the performance of recreational athletes and elite athletes. For this group Airmax® BV has developed a special sport version, Airmax® Sport. Airmax® Sport has 2 additional small “barbs” on the inside of the product. They help the nasal dilator to stay in place when you are working out. Airmax® Sport is, like Airmax® Classic, developed in such a way that using the product is extremely comfortable.

In addition to the positive effects that Airmax® has shown on the performance of recreational athletes and elite athletes, the product is also suitable for use in airway related conditions such as: asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, respiratory allergy, obstructive sleep apnoea, snoring and nasal congestion due to a cold. Do you have any questions regarding this information please feel free to contact us.

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