Below is a list of frequently asked questions. This list will be updated in the near future. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed or if you need a more detailed answer, please contact us at the bottom of this page.

The Airmax is available in various countries worldwide, in shops, drugstores, online shops and also on Amazon.


The Airmax nasal dilator is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, America, Australia, Poland, Czech republic, Luxembourg, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Sweden and more other countries.


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It sometimes happens that you may find the product next to you in bed after sleeping. The product has ‘fallen out’ of the nose during the night.


Some people sometimes find that the airmax nasal dilator falls out of their nose. This does happen sometimes, but the experience is different for each person. It has to do with the process of getting used to it. We always advise users to use the product for at least two weeks to get used to the product. Some people have to get used to the feeling, others do not.


Many people are not used to having a product in their nose. If the product is well placed and you use the correct size, namely small or medium, then the chance of the product falling out of the nose is very little. The product does not fall out of the nose if it is placed correctly. However, people sometimes lose the product while they sleep.


This is because people move around during sleep and unconsciously pick their nose because they feel something uncomfortable. For this reason, people unconsciously pick the airmax from their nose.


We have a few tips to help you get used to the product faster and reduce the chance of losing it.


  1. Use the Airmax during the day and before bedtime.

– You will notice that the product does not fall out of the nose by itself. By using the airmax during the day and before bedtime. You will get more used to the product while you are conscious and awake.


  1. Use the right size.

– The best way to find out is to try both sizes and feel which one fits and is most comfortable for your nose. Many people can use both sizes. The only difference is that the medium size is slightly wider, opening the nose further for more air.


A combination of comfort and effectiveness will determine for you which size you prefer to use.

You can use the airmax nasal dilator whenever you want. The airmax nasal dilator is used by people for more air through the nose. People use it whenever they want. During the day more air during housework, because people want more air while breathing, while sleeping to reduce snoring and to wake up more rested. In addition, the Airmax Sport is used before, during and after sports for more airflow.


The product is unique in its design, direct dilation and proven effectiveness.

Not every nose is the same.  This is why the Airmax has been developed in two different sizes: S and M.  This has nothing to do with the size of your nose, but with the width of the nasal entrance.  You can only decide on the right size by trying out both sizes.


This is why both sizes have been included in the trial pack. It is also possible to alternate between the two sizes.

S.E.B.S. is the abbreviation for: Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene. According to Greenpeace this is an acceptable alternative to PVC. S.E.B.S. is used for example in toothbrushes, in medical devices or in products used by dentists. S.E.B.S. has an excellent resistance to water, acids and bases. S.E.B.S. is safer than PVC.

When wearing the Airmax®, the narrowest part of the nasal entrance is slightly widened. However, this mechanical widening disappears when removing the Airmax®. The Airmax® will not affect the shape of your nose after you have used it!

The Airmax is made from a specially developed compound (S.E.B.S.) for medical purposes.  The elasticity of this plastic can reduce with frequent use, which will result in the Airmax becoming less effective and comfortable over time.


The product will start to feel harder after the time you use it and keep it on your bedside table. For the best condition of your product, use the storage box.

The size of the Airmax® is not related to the actual size of your nose! It depends on the inside of your nose and the widening needed that will provide the best relief. The size Small (S) fits 20% of the population while the size Medium (M) fits the rest (80%). A large (L) size would not bring any additional benefit in terms of efficacy/relief vs. comfort. We might develop a large version in the future if technical opportunities allow us to improve that ratio.

Under the age of 12, the nose is still growing. We do not recommend using our Airmax nasal spreaders if under the age of 12.

Yes, Airmax® is visible under the nasal septum. This is a good indication that the Airmax® has been properly placed inside the nose.

If the Airmax® falls out during sleeping, it is probably because you automatically removed it. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks to get used to using the Airmax®, but usually no more than two weeks. If you lose the Airmax® while exercising, please ensure that you are using the sport version and not the classic version. If you are using the right version, you might still lose the Airmax® because of sweating.

No known allergic reaction has been reported so far.

Some people with a dry nose or a deviated septum might experience irritation in their nose after a few weeks of use. This can be avoided by using Vaseline or water on the legs of the Airmax® before inserting it into the nose.

Yes. Airmax® will facilitate nasal breathing and will therefore help you switch from mouth breathing to nasal breathing which consequently helps you reduce snoring.