The airmax Classic

Having trouble breathing through the nose during the day or at night, often leads to waking up tired, and dry throated because of mouth breathing. In this case the Airmax will be a tremendous benefit to improve breathing through the nose. Moreover, it can result in a better sleep cycle that will eventually lead to waking up more rested. Many people have snoring problems due to a blocked nose. In 75% of the cases this blocked nasal passage is the reason that people start snoring. As a result of breathing problems through the nose, people start to breathe through the mouth. This causes snoring for a lot of people.



To conclude, it is highly important that the nose is free to breathe through. The simplest solution to improve nasal breathing, is by inserting an internal nasal dilator like Airmax. This will improve nasal breathing and the sleep quality.

Two sizes

Airmax nasal dilator is available in two sizes: small and medium. Most of the Airmax users (80%) use the medium sized dilator. The difference between the sizes small and medium is a 1,5 mm difference in width.



Airmax offers a trial pack with both sizes. We recommend you to start with the trial pack to find your best fit.



How it works

Breathing without a nasal dilator

People with breathing problems through the nose will automatically breathe through the mouth. This causes for a lot of people snoring.


Using Airmax nasal dilator

Airmax nasal dilator is created to help people breathing better through the nose. Better breathing quality results in a better sleep quality. In some cases this even effects the quality of sleep of the partner.


Airmax opens nasal passages

The Airmax nasal dilator is a specially designed nasal device that widens the upper nasal passages and increases the airflow.


Breathe better, sleep better

By widening the nasal passages and providing an increase in airway for breathing. Airmax provides a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that helps you sleep more restfully, wake up refreshed and helps to reduces snoring.


“The Nasal Dilator makes you breathe better throughout the nose.
Widens the upper nasal passage and provides up to 76% more air.”