Airmax® Sport

Airmax sport
Airmax® is a product (nasal dilator) which is made of a soft, odourless and medically certified plastic (S.E.B.S). For the use of Airmax® during exercising, we have developed a special version, Airmax® Sport.

Airmax® Sport has 2 additional small “barbs” on the inside of the product. They help the nasal dilator to stay in place when you are working out. Airmax® Sport is, like Airmax® Classic, developed in such a way that using the product is extremely comfortable.

Airmax® Sport is available in two sizes, namely: size S and size M. We have in addition to these two sizes also a sample in our range, this is used solely for promotional activities (in The Netherlands). The sample consists of one Airmax ® Sport size S and one Airmax ® Sport size M.

Positive effects of Airmax® Sport

The Airmax® guarantees direct dilation of the nasal passage.

  • Less breathing problems
  • More airflow

In addition to the above, Airmax® has also demonstrated positive effects on the relief from snoring, sleep apnoea and nasal congestion due to a cold. For this Airmax® BV has developed Airmax® Classic.

How to use Airmax® Sport

The Airmax must be rinsed with water both before and after use. When using the Airmax for the first time, we recommend the use of a mirror to help you position the device symmetrically. The Airmax has been properly positioned when the legs widen the nasal entrance and when the ‘connecting bridge’ is touching your nasal septum. You will notice an immediate impact on your nasal inflow and outflow.

Hoe gebruik ik airmaxFirst test both sizes to see which one has the most positive effect on your breathing. Start with the size S and proceed as described earlier. Then try size M. If size M and size S both fit, you will be able to use both sizes. If size M leaves too much space between your nasal septum and the connecting bridge, size M is too big for you and you should use size S.

Airmax® Sport is available through physical therapists and several online webshops. When Airmax® Sport is not available in your area feel free to contact us.

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