The product

The Product

Airmax® is a product (nasal dilator) which is made of a soft, odourless and medically certified plastic. Airmax® widens the narrowest part of the nose without being visible on the outside of the nose. The product has been developed for a comfortable fit. Airmax® is only suitable for placement in the nose and is not suitable for children up to 12 years.

The nose

In addition to smelling the nose has an important function in our breathing system. Most of the breathing takes place through the nose. The nose has the task to clean and heat the inhaled air before it enters the lungs. The nose works basically as an ‘air-control system’, both temperature and humidity are optimized. It is therefore usually recommended to breathe through the nose. However, some people have difficulties breathing through the nose.

It isn’t equally easy for everyone to breathe through the nose. Some people have trouble breathing through their nose, this could have several reasons. To help reduce or completely resolve these problems without medication, we have Airmax® Classic available.

Size Small & Medium

The Airmax is available in two different sizes : Small (S) and Medium (M). In principle, the small (blue) and medium (orange) are the same, however, there is a small difference between bothMaten website +1,5 mm sizes. The width of the Airmax nasal dilator. As you can see on the picture, the width from the Airmax nasal dilator medium is 1,5 mm wider than the Airmax nasal dilator small. This causes the Airmax medium to widen the nasal passage even further, which means that you can breathe more air through the nose.

Positive effects ofAirmax®

Airmax® is a product (nasal dilator) that widens the narrowest part of the nose without being visible on the outside of the nose. The mechanical widening has shown efficacy in increasing the airflow, which enables the air to go deeper into the lungs and provides more oxygen. The product has been developed for a comfortable fit. To date, there have been no cases of allergic reactions due to use of the product reported.

The positive effects of nasal dilators, such as Airmax®, have been scientifically proven and Airmax® is Airmax wat is hetthe latest scientific development in that area. The direct widening of the nasal entrance has a positive effect on snoring, nasal congestion due to colds or allergies and sleep apnoea. Many women have reported using Airmax® during their pregnancy to relieve nasal congestion as a result of changes is their endocrine system. People waking up with a headache in the morning have noticed a clear improvement thanks to the use of Airmax®.

In addition to the above, Airmax nasal dilator increases the airflow during sport activities. For this group Airmax® BV has developed a special sport version, Airmax® Sport.

Do you have any experience with the use of Airmax ® and do you want to share this with us? Please contact us and we would love to hear what you think of our product.

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