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Below you can read a selection of testimonials from Airmax® users. We believe it is important to know what you think about our product. That is why we ask you for your testimonials regarding the use of Airmax nasal dilator.. You can mail your experience with our product through our contactform. Please specify whether we may post your comment on our website. Below is a list of received reviews through different platforms.

”Worth the money” (18-07-2016, Amazon customer Germany)
Use the parts for several years. After a short time of getting used to, you barely notice it. Do with me exactly what they should. Price wise ambitious but actually worth the money. (18-07-2016, Amazon customer Germany)
”Used during pregnancy” (05-03-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
''The Airmax saved me during my pregnancy. After the birth of our child, the mucous membranes had abated the same day. During pregnancy I had 9 months swollen nasal walls. No more night without Airmax. Once I forgot to take it with me, I almost panicked. Again and again, and even today I always have him with me (in case I get a cold) '' (05-03-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
”Very satisfied” (27-08-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
Because of my nasal sheath narrowing (even after surgery, no lasting success was noticeable), I have now acquired this product. Could sleep very badly before and have now found this way out and so far I am very satisfied. It clings very well to the nose, and you hardly notice it ... so a buy recommendation (27-08-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
Igor (Airmax® Classic)
“I would like to share my experience with Airmax®, for me it works like a charm. I have always had problems with breathing when I sleep on my right side. This was occasionally accompanied (as I have been told) by heavy snoring. Airmax® has solved this problem. However, it does take a week or two to get used to, but it’s definitely worth it.”
João Jorge de Mattos, 67 jaar, Brazilië (Airmax® Classic)
“Long time ago, maybe twenty years, I did a surgery to correct a problem in my airways. I hadn’t success because I going on sleeping very badly. Late I discovered I got some heart disease and again I did two surgeries. I tried to use something to make better my sleep because my breathe it was worst all the time. I started to use something to open my airways, but the product hurt my nose and not solved my problem. Then I got Airmax® and since I begin to use it, I felt myself better and I have to use constantly day by day.”
”And it works” (13-11-2018, Amazon Customer Germany)
Due to the positive reviews, I have ordered this anti-snatch pack. Super are the 2 different sizes for testing, which is the right one. My friend has always been snoring moderately, so I'm hoping for quite a bit of this product. And it works!! Even more than that: after a few times regular wear (about 2-3 weeks long), my friend forgot to insert the clip every now and then and yet he did not snore! I can not explain how that works. But he no longer wears it and does not snore anymore. Maybe he got into another breathing habit by wearing it. It is really great !! I can just recommend her. Also, the wearing does not interfere with sleep and is pleasant. For all snorers, anyway worth a try! (13-11-2018, Amazon Customer Germany)
”Definitely a must” (18-05-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
For people with a thin nasal wall and thus impaired nasal breathing, this is definitely a must! The first few days, a new nasal dilator is still a bit hard and can lead to a sore nose, but you can work around that when you first carry it around in your pocket for a while, which makes it a bit softer. Nevertheless, getting accustomed to wearing takes a bit ...From me there is a clear purchase recommendation! (18-05-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
”Breathe without any problem” (12-09-2018, Amazon customer France)
I always had that feeling of having a stuffy nose, not really breathing. In the daytime this often results in a nose that whistles or an obligation to breathe through the mouth. And during the night by snoring. I have just tried the products (normal size) that I can breathe full nostril without any problem ... I feel like reliving! (12-09-2018, Amazon customer France)
The effect is huge! (05-03-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
''I bought these nasal dilators because I often get bad breath through my nose. Somehow I have a constriction in my nose and so far I have shied away from having an operation done. In the past, I have always taken such nasal patches, only in the long run are a bit expensive and you always have a patch on the nose, which looks silly first and secondly, then you have the adhesive of these patches constantly on the skin, which in the long run certainly not so healthy. So I wanted to test a nasal dilator. This trial pack is perfect for getting one in S and one in M to test which size suits you best. In my nose seemingly fit both versions quite well, they are stuck and do not fall out, not even if you curl the nose, the nostrils spreads or makes other facial movements. The size difference is not that great, but I still have the impression that I can breathe a little better with size M than with S. The effect is huge. I get a lot better air. For me that is a clear plus in quality of life! The comfort is also very good, after about 1-2 hours you do not even notice that you have the dilator in the nose. I can not say anything about the snoring problem, because I did not buy the dilator for that. The only downside is, you can not clean your nose, or if you do it, of course, you have all the mucus hanging on the dilator and can not properly go with the tissue in the nose and brush off. Here you should better take out the dilator in front of your nose. For people who need to clean their nose very often, that is rather cumbersome. All in all, I am very satisfied with the product, my nasal breathing is significantly improved and I do not want to take out the dilator anymore. Let's see how long it lasts, it is recommended to change it every 3 months, but I have already read that many people have used it for several years without any problems. I will definitely buy it again.'' (05-03-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
”The snoring is really reduced” (11-09-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
The dilator really helps me. I use it only when I sleep in the same room with other people. The snoring is really reduced according to these other people - at least for me. I get a lot better air. However, the nose inside is of course somewhat irritated. One for every day, that's why it's not for me. For the purpose that I wanted to achieve and achieved, but great! (11-09-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
”Tested succesfully” (20-08-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
There is the theory that women do not snore. As I said it is a theory! In practice, this problem is not just for the male population to solve and so I was looking for a solution for my wife, which should spare her a medical intervention, sometimes even in such actions, there is no 100% guarantee of success. Thus, I landed on infoseiten in this offer and have it tested successfully! Insanity as a piece of plastic can make the night again for the night and both peace seekers the hours of recovery without sawing background noise. First of all, we would like to thank the inventor and then this supplier! Top product what works - when used correctly! (20-08-2018, Amazon customer Germany)
”There is an improvement” (08-01-2018, Amazon customer France)
After a try with the little model I think there is an improvement for the inspiration easy product to instal easy cleaning Very good little storage box !!!!!! (08-01-2018, Amazon customer France)
”I breathe much better” (24-05-2017, Amazon customer France)
I definitely adopted this article after several months of use, I am convinced! It may be necessary to persevere after a few days: for my part the friction against the nostrils gave me a little irritation, but that did not last. And what comfort later, we do not even feel it anymore! I have also tested other products, including adhesive nose spreaders, and this is by far the best for me. I do not use this product for snoring, but because my nostrils are too narrow to breathe comfortably through the nose, especially at night. Since I sleep with this dilator, I breathe much better, I do not wake up at night for lack of air and I have a sleep of much better quality, much more restorative. Unlike other reviews, I find that its life is correct, I use it every night and it does not move, I use it even longer than what is recommended without loss of efficiency. use the size M which lets more air pass without disturbing me. And the little storage box is very useful! (24-05-2017, Amazon customer France)
”Effective separation” (20-05-2018, Amazon customer France)
Having a problem of deformation of the septum, that is to say of the wall which separates the two nostrils, the nasal dilator Airmax widens the two ducts of the nose and facilitates the breathing. The tip of the dilator resting on the base of the nose leads to the effective separation of the dilator. (20-05-2018, Amazon customer France)
”Never want to remove it” (05-09-2018, Amazon customer France)
Perfect, never want to remove it, still in the morning! I'm already in better shape after 3 days! I use orange. (The little blue can serve me too, if I need to change, but placed at the end of the nose and less effective for me, to each its shape and size of nose ...). After searching the correct position of the spreader, I found my comfort. (I also tried the colorless tube-shaped models, but they do not suit me at all: discomfort, too much contact area, the nostrils too wet below, non-adjustable points of support, and more I do not care about snoring, but it comes from the soft palate I understand that the effect is not systematic). Today I bought a second one, to be sure to always have a ... (05-09-2018, Amazon customer France)
”Surprised” (04-11-2018, Amazon customer France)
Frankly surprised by its effectiveness on snoring, we no longer complain about me, it is light, it does not bother me at night, stays fixed all night, can breathe well, we forget even to go work (04-11-2018, Amazon customer France)
”My nights have been saved” (02-09-2018, Amazon customer France)
Since I discovered this little accessory, my nights have been saved. my nose tends to get completely stuck at night. Thanks to the airmax my nostrils remain open and when they are very crowded, it still opens a small passage of air in my nostrils. In the beginning I used the little airmax (blue) and it made my nose run continually which was very painful to sleep. I tried the big one (the orange) and surprisingly the problem was solved. Similarly, the gene that we feel at the beginning disappears very quickly. Product top! (02-09-2018, Amazon customer France)
Arjo Wartenberg, team CZ (Airmax® Sport user, NL)
“The Airmax gave me extra air while participating in the Alpe D'Huez climb. This made it possible for me to finish my 6th climb on a single day of the Alpe D'Huez”
Anonym, Netherlands
“Airmax® works very well! My 12 year old son was an heavy user of nasal sprays. He is allergic to hair, dust, and pollen, etc. He used to use lyfokap and nasonex but none of them helped. After only 2 days of Airmax use (Small size), he stopped using the nasal sprays”.
Joop Ruter, 75 year old marathon runner (Airmax Sport user, NL)
“Joop Ruter is 75, but doesn't have trouble walking a marathon. This Rotterdam resident is an icon in the world of long distance running for seniors and holds countless records. Ever since he started using the Airmax, he breathes more freely and runs with even more ease. "My experience with this device is fantastic. You actually have more air. I never leave my house without the Airmax, even in the freezing cold I can still suck air in through my nose. This year I will be able to really score in the marathons with my secret weapon. Maybe I can even break the records I set at a much younger age.”
Marijke (Airmax Classic user, Katwijk-NL)
“Since I was 16 I have had a lot of trouble with breathing because I have a hyper allergic nose- and mucous membrane. An operation in 2005 should have solved the problems, but to my disappointment they only became worse... As long as I'm standing upright, sitting or walking, I don't have a lot of trouble breathing, but when I'm working out or when I'm lying down I really can't get enough air. Waking up in the middle of the night because you can't get enough oxygen is very frightening. After having tried many respiratory aids, I finally discovered the Airmax. It's a fantastic solution. The plastic doesn't irritate my membranes. I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore. My husband says I rarely snore nowadays and if I snore the sound I produce is minimal. Whilst working out I can breathe through my nose and not just through my mouth, which is a great relief. It's so much more comfortable, not having a dry throat any more, and of course, not swallowing any more bugs... I am very pleased with the Airmax.”
Anonymous (Airmax Classic User)
“I would like to share my experience with Airmax®, for me it works like a charm. I have always had problems with breathing when I sleep on my right side. This was occasionally accompanied (as I have been told) by heavy snoring. Airmax® has solved this problem. However, it does take a week or two to get used to, but it’s definitely worth it”
Anonymous (Airmax Sport user)
“I have used the Airmax for more than a month but only during the night. The last version wouldn't stay in my nose but I can now conclude that this newer (Sport) version is in fact staying in place properly. I'm glad to see that you have made improvements. I am very satisfied with the Airmax and recommend it to everybody.”
Wiecher Dalsem, Rower (Airmax Sport user, NL)
“I started using the Airmax in the summer. I row 5000 meters once a week on my concept2 ergometer with a maximum hart rate of 90%. My speed increased overnight. A little less than 1 second per 500 meters. At first I thought that the difference was due to being in better shape for a few days. But after a while I realized that I was consistently a bit quicker on the 90% trainings, an average improved speed of half a second every 500 meters. When I row all out, I can't measure the difference in performance. Obviously I only go all-out during races, but my season did go very well this year. I could feel a noticeable difference. When do I use the Airmax? I use the Airmax in long distance training to get my body used to higher performance in races”
Tanja Mulder (Airmax Classic user, NL)
“I'm sending you this mail, as I'm probably the most enthusiastic fan of your product. I've used your product for several days now and the headaches that I have every morning are finally gone. My husband is also using the Airmax and I'm finally relieved from his snoring. For years he had to rinse his nose every time he woke up, but with the Airmax he doesn't have to do that anymore! The only downside is that his Airmax can fall out when he is sleeping. This is probably due to him have had a broken nose which has altered the natural internal shape of his nose. If there were a solution possible for this it would be fantastic. I use both the Sport and the Snorer versions. Every morning, after I wake up, I use the Sport version during my workout. One word: FANTASTIC!”
H.P. van Dijk. (Airmax Classic user, NL)
“I usually don't write about products and my experience with them, but for the Airmax I am making an exception. I fly from Holland to Spain on a monthly basis and time after time I get these tremendous headaches (A sinusitis feeling) when the plane starts to land. I went to an ear, nose and throat specialist, who told me to use Otrivin. This went well for a short period of time but after a while the symptoms started coming back. I went to the doctor again and an appointment was made to move my nasal septum, I was told that this would not be a guarantee that my headaches would disappear. A few days later I read in the Dutch 'De Telegraaf' newspaper about the Airmax and wondered if this could solve my problem while in the air. After having had contact with Airmax they sent me this little miracle. I didn't believe it, but the Airmax solved my problem. In the meantime I have made 4 flights and my headaches have disappeared! I was able to call the hospital and tell them that I didn't need the scheduled surgery. I think I did the right thing by telling you about my experience but seriously doubt that I am the only one who is so enthused!”
Ferida de Jongh-Wieth, Health specialist in Wassenaar (Airmax classic user, NL)
“This product is actually of use to me. My sensitive mucous membrane really irritated me a lot: I had to use nose drops constantly. Since I have the Airmax that is a thing of the past. Whenever I get the feeling that my membrane irritation is returning, I just use the Airmax for a few hours and the problem is gone! I see a real future in this product. In hospitals it could be a product for patient's who have sleeping disorders. It's small and easy to place inside your nose. You can barely feel it.”
T.H. Jameson (Airmax Sport user, UK)
“The leisure activities my family and I really enjoy are horseback riding and walks in the mountains. Although horseback riding does not seem like an intense sport, it is. Especially when the rider does not have a superb condition (like me). I use the Sport version for more air whilst sporting, but also whenever I have a sinus infection. It also works perfectly then. I really love this product. I like to compare it to the paperclip, simple but works like a charm”.
João Jorge de Mattos, 67 year, (Airmax Classic user, Brazil)
“Long time ago, maybe twenty years, I did a surgery to correct a problem in my airways. Later, I discovered I got some heart disease and again I did two surgeries. I tried to use something to breathe better during my sleep. I started to use something to open my airways, but the product hurt my nose and did not solve my problem. Then I got Airmax® and since I begin to use it, I felt better and have have been using it every day since.”
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